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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Teachers and Teaching Assistants in Year 4 are:

Adders Class

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Salmon

Badgers Class

Miss Thorpe


Mrs H Wetjen

Mrs Wetjen

Team Leader: Mrs Croke

We would like to take this chance to welcome you and your child to Year 4 and to introduce the team. Year 4 is made up of two classes, Adders and Badgers. The teachers are Miss Thorpe and Mrs Wetjen in Badgers Class and Mrs Robinson and Miss Salmon in Adders. Supporting us in the classroom, we have wonderful Teaching Assistants, who will be working across the key stage: Mrs Bransbury, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Young. 

Over the year, your child will continue to be encouraged to become more independent and to take ownership of their own education. Throughout Year 4, we will focus on helping your child reach the standard required for the end of Lower Key Stage 2 and help them complete the new Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. We strongly believe that, by working together, we can help ensure that your child will reach their full potential.

Summer Term 1 – Invasion and Blue Abyss 

This term, our learning will be split between two topics - Invasion, where we will continue with our look back in history; this time focusing on Anglo Saxons. We will then move onto Blue Abyss, where we will explore the seas and oceans on our planet. 

Literacy – In Literacy this term, we will start by writing our own myths, based on the Anglo Saxon poem, Beowulf’.  This exciting narrative will inspire us to write a story about monsters and heroes! Following this unit, we will move onto our Blue Abyss topic, when we will start by creating a report on our own imaginary creatures from the deep, inspired by Blue Planet and the book ‘Under Earth, Underwater’.  During the final week of term, we will imagine being shipwrecked on a desert island and writing informal letters, hoping someone will find our message in a bottle!  The Year 4 grammar, spelling and punctuation will continue to be taught both explicitly and within the teaching and learning of these genres of writing.   

Reading – In Guided Reading, we will be reading Kensuke Kingdom - the most wonderful book and we know you will all love it! We also study a lovely poem called The Moonlight and use our reading skills to dive deeper into this amazing text. 

Maths – In Maths this half term, we will learn about the relationship between tenths and hundredths as fractions and decimals; explore the place value of decimal numbers and learn how to divide 1- and 2-digit numbers by 10 and 100. We will explore how to make whole numbers with tenths and hundredths; partition decimals; compare and order decimals; round decimals to the nearest whole number and find halves and quarters as decimals. We will then move onto learning about money. We will write money using decimals; convert between pounds and pence; compare amounts; estimate, calculate and solve problems with money. Finally, we will end the half term by exploring time. We will recap years, months, weeks and days as well as hours, minutes and seconds. We will then explore converting between analogue and digital times and converting to and from the 24 hour clock. 

Science - In this half term, we will be learning about sound, focussing on vibrations and different pitch. We will also learn about living things and their habitats, focussing on classification keys and how different environments can pose a threat to different creatures. 

Computing – This half term we will be learning how to design, write and de bug programmes. We will also create programmes that follow a particular command. In the second half term, we will be looking at digital photography and how we can manipulate images.

RSHE – This term, we will be covering the theme - Family, Friends and Relationships.  We will start by considering who the important people are in our lives before looking at what characteristics we feel are important to build friendships.  We will look at the term ‘respect’ in the context of self respect.  We will also consider how families can look different to our own and discuss that the foundations that families are built upon are the same irrespective of how the families are made up.

RE – Our topic this term is ‘Gospel’ and we will be asking the question ‘What kind of World did Jesus want?’ We will investigate how Christians believe Jesus challenges everyone about how to live and how he sets the example for loving God and your neighbour, putting others first.

History - At the start of this term, we will be learning about Anglo-Saxons, why they invaded Britain, how their communities functioned before becoming archeologists and investigating the fascinating finds of Sutton Hoo.

Geography - We will start our term, continuing with a history focus, before embarking on a geography unit, which will be focussed around our fabulous new topic, Blue Abyss.  We will start by looking at and comparing the coastlines of the UK and other countries.  Our teaching and learning will be following lines of enquiry, where we will use different sources to explore the answers to questions related to local and international coastal geographical features.   This unit will continue after the half-term, where our learning will turn to fieldwork and map skills. 

Art and Design - This half term we will be exploring Anglo Saxon art and craft, with a focus on the magnificent Fuller Brooch. We will also further develop our observational skills through drawing patterns and texture and our sculpture skills by using clay to create an imaginary creature.