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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The Teachers and Teaching Assistants in Year 3 are:

Foxes Class


Miss H Robinson

Miss Robinson

Frogs Class

Mrs Croke

Team Leader: Mrs Croke

Welcome to Year 3. The transition from KS1 to KS2 is a very important one and we have a brilliant team to ensure this goes as smoothly as possible . The team is made up of two classes, Foxes and Frogs. The teachers are Mrs Croke and Miss Robinson. We are very lucky to have the support of Mrs Bransbury, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Young, who will be working across the key stage.  We will also be supported by Mrs Rose and Mrs Marchmant. In Year 3 we explore some fantastic topics.  During the year, we enjoy celebrating the life and books of Roald Dahl Day with a special Roald Dahl day. We create our own model robots using junk metal, spend time in our local area on the River Adur, and travel back in time to the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The children look at predatory animals, plants, food chains, habitats and learn the key parts and functions of animals and plants.

Spring 2 Topic - Flow

Maths - We will be looking at unit and non unit fractions, introducing these as pictures and using Cuisennaire to see parts of a whole. We will be able to describe fractions using vocabulary such as equal parts, one whole, numerators and denominators. We will then measure the mass and capacity of different solids and liquids, using scales and measuring jugs to contextualise our learning.

Guided Reading - We will be reading the story Song of the Dolphin Boy by Elizabeth Laird.

Literacy - We will start our literacy learning journey this term by researching some of the most amazing rivers around the world, producing interesting fact files. We will then use the poem ‘The River’ by Valerie Bloom as a stimulus for writing our own poetry. A journey up the great Amazon River will be our focus for journal writing. What will we see? Who lives there? What plants, trees and animals call this amazing place home? Finally, we will consider the risks posed by humans to these great rivers, we will debate the pros and cons of humans using rivers and will create a public information document giving advice on how to protect river habitats.

Geography - We will be studying geographical processes and use information from maps, globes, atlases, labelled diagrams and photos. We will look at the features of rivers such as their shape and size, introducing new vocabulary like meanders, oxbow lakes, straight sections and rocky sections of rivers. We will look at the plants and animals that live at these rivers, supported by our trip to the local River Adur.

Science - Our topic for science this term is ‘Plants’. We will be exploring the requirements of plants for life and growth and how they vary from plant to plant. We will use our observation skills on our river walk to identify plants. We will then carry out hands-on investigations to describe the functions of different flowering plants. Finally, we will explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.

Art and Design - Our art this term will be inspired by the artist Claude Monet and his piece ‘Water Lilies’. We will use a range of mediums such as pastels, watercolours and sketching pencils to create art in the style of Monet, with a focus on our geography topic of Rivers.

RSHE - Our theme for this half term in Me and My World (RSHE) is ‘Being Safe’. We will be participating in the NSPCC’s Speak out. Stay safe. online programme. It is a safeguarding programme and aims to help children understand abuse in all its forms and to recognise the signs of abuse in a child friendly way. Children are taught to speak out if they are worried. Messages are delivered in a fun and interactive way with the help of their mascot Buddy as well as special guest appearances from Ant and Dec. We will also be discussing how to resist pressure from sources, such as the media and how to make effective decisions to keep ourselves safe.

RE - Our theme for RE this half term is the idea of Salvation and how this is achieved by Christians. Our overarching question is ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’?’. We will learn why this day is important for Christians.

DT - In DT, the children will be making their own bread rolls.

Computing - In computing lessons the children will be using desktop publishing.