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Writing Aims

At Steyning C of E Primary we believe that writing should be a creative/developmental process both at a functional and an imaginative level. We value all attempts at writing, and we know that all children have potential to be successful writers. Compositional and transcriptional skills are taught alongside the creative aspects of writing to allow children to develop an understanding of the requirements of different writing genres. Immersion in topics, talk and preparation for writing is essential to the writing development process. Grammar and punctuation are explicitly taught, and children develop a good understanding of how to use these correctly.  

Writing Values

LOVE – We show love by taking pride in our work and presentation of our books.

HAPPY – We show happiness by participating in speaking and listening activities including drama.

RESPECT – We show respect by working with our classmates to offer peer assessment, offering advice and feedback in a kind, constructive and reflective manner.

COLLABORATIVE – We show that we are collaborative by working together to produce shared writes and working well with others.

CURIOUS – We show our curiosity by being eager to learn about new genres and text types.

BRAVE – We show bravery by challenging ourselves to share our writing in front of the class.

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