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We have 2 uniform suppliers.  First 4 Uniform and Broadwater Sports where branded items can be purchased.  All unbranded items are available from other retailers. Please click on the links below for their details.

We want all children and parents to feel proud of their school and to wear their school uniform with pride. We feel it is important to always represent yourself and your school to your best ability. Therefore, we expect all children to wear school uniform:

Required Uniform:

  • Black trousers or shorts
  • Black skirt, pinafore dress
  • White polo shirt or white shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan (branded version optional)
  • Blue and white checked dress as a summer option.
  • Plain white or black socks or black tights

Required Shoes:

  • They must be all black shoes or boots or trainers which can be brought to a shine, are also acceptable. There must be no colour on them or coloured logos. Any visible soles or logo must be black. Trainers in colours others than black or cloth-based trainers are not acceptable.
  • Shoes must not have a heel, so that children can run around safely and join in the daily mile.

Required Physical Education Kit:

Please note that the correct clothing should be worn for games and P.E.
T-shirt of their team colour
Sweatshirt of their team colour (optional)
Black shorts
Plimsolls or trainers

Children should come to school in their PE kits on the days they have PE unless they are in Early Years where it needs to be brought in a PE bag as dressing themselves is part of their curriculum.

Black tracksuit trousers (optional) may be worn in the cold weather.  All children’s clothes and kit must be named.


  • Simple stud earrings (Not dangling or hoops for safety reasons)
  • No chains or necklaces.
  • A watch may be worn (No Internet or phone-based device can be worn.)

Hair and Make-up:

  • No make -up or nail varnish.
  • Hair should allow the child to work and play without hindrance. If their hair is long, ideally the hair should be pulled back from their eyes.
  • Hairstyles should be moderate with natural colour
  • Hair ties and bands should be plain and discreet in school colours

If any school uniform is lost, providing it is named, it will be returned to its owner.  Un-named uniform is kept for a while and then recycled at the beginning of each half-term.

First 4 Uniform

Broadwater Sports