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Tips For Parents

Here are some top tips from the Children’s Mentors to help support your child’s wellbeing.


Sleep is so important for your child’s mental health, well-being and development. A good sleep routine will really help you and your child.


What helps you when you feel stressed? Perhaps exercise, walks, chatting with family and friends, using breathing techniques. All these things can help your child too. Chat to your child about how they are feeling and work together to find strategies that might help. Try drawing, baking, going for a run, collecting leaves, whatever it is that helps your child relax.


This may sound obvious but sometimes in the busyness and intensity of family life it can get forgotten. Carve out time in your schedule for some quality one on one time with your child where you create space to talk and be together (devices away for all!). Talk with your child and really listen to how they are doing. Give your child space to think about, talk about and express their emotions.


It is great for us all and our emotional wellbeing to think of what we are thankful and grateful for. Talk with your child about what they enjoy in life and what they are thankful for. Talk to them about what they may be looking forward to. Perhaps fill an empty jar with notes writing down all the things you can think of together that make you happy. You can call it your Joy Jar, or Gratitude Jar or anything you like.