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RE  Aims

Our intention as a Church of England School, is that the Christian faith is the foundations of everything we do at Steyning C of E Primary School. We promote an environment where all children feel known, accepted and valued as individuals, within a caring community. Our Christian faith affects not only what we teach, but also how we teach, we do this through ‘Understanding Christianity’ and ‘Love to Celebrate’. We believe that it is fundamental for our children to belong to a safe and nurturing community, founded on strong Christian values where children will develop an array of skills that will enable them to make their own positive contribution to our global society.

RE  Intent Value Alignment

LOVE – We show love by being kind and accepting of each other and our different beliefs, thoughts and opinions. We show empathy for others which  helps us grow as a person.

HAPPY – We show happiness by understanding and accepting each other’s beliefs and opinions and being happy to learn about them.

RESPECT – We show respect by celebrating and understanding Christianity, religious traditions, other principal world faiths and world views. We respect others and their beliefs.

COLLABORATIVE – We show that we are collaborative by working together and exploring how we might contribute to our communities and to wider society , encouraging empathy, generosity and compassion.

CURIOUS – We show our curiosity by asking challenging questions about the meaning of life, beliefs about God, the nature of reality and morality.

BRAVE – We show bravery by developing our sense of identity and belonging and being able to challenge prejudice.

The Aims of Understanding Christianity

*To enable our pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living world faith, by exploring core theological concepts.

*To enable our children to develop knowledge and skills in making sense of biblical texts and understanding their impact in the lives of Christians.

*To develop our pupils’ abilities to connect, critically reflect upon, evaluate and apply their learning to their own growing understanding of Christianity, of religion and belief more widely, of themselves, the world and human experience.

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