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PE Aims

At Steyning C of E Primary, it is our intention to help all children to have the self belief to achieve in all aspects of Physical Education. We strongly believe that by providing a varied curriculum, a range of extra-curricular activities, plus the opportunity to compete in Intra, Inter and Area competitions our children will develop their motivation, concentration, and determination to succeed. This in turn will directly impact on all aspects of their learning.

We are committed to informing children about leading a healthy lifestyle and how activity helps them both mentally and physically throughout their life. This includes two hours of guided activity, including team sports, individual exercise, problem solving and the importance of exercise.

Overall, we want our children to be active, focused, motivated, and to feel that they are part of a high achieving Sports Team in Sussex.

PE Values

LOVE – Love is shown by being kind to others and encouraging them to succeed when they feel they can’t. Empathy for others makes them feel better and helps everyone grow as a person.

HAPPY – Happiness is seen and shown by a smiling face even when we make mistakes or face tough challenges. Smiling helps us push through and find new self belief.

RESPECT – Respect is shown to others by celebrating their achievements as well as our own. This helps everyone connect as one team and nurtures growth and development. Respecting each other, our environment and equipment equips us for our active life ahead.

COLLABORATIVE – Teamwork is an essential part of a range of games and collaboration helps us to understand how and what motivates others. Then we can encourage, enthuse and support them when they face any challenge.

CURIOUS – Curiosity is an important part of being an individual and helps us to understand new skills, sports or tactics. It also drives a deeper understanding of how skills can be transferred to different games.

BRAVE – Bravery in sport, is attempting all activities and never giving up in the face of challenge or adversity. Building our positive attitude helps us to encourage others to achieve and see the best in ourselves.

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