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Music Aims

At Steyning C of E Primary School, it is our intent to develop a life-long passion and appreciation of all styles of music. We strongly believe that music is fundamental to our children’s education and can increase confidence, social skills and creative abilities. Our aim is to enable children, regardless of background, ability, and additional needs to be motivated, effective and independent life-long learners and to take part in a full and varied music curriculum.

Music Values

LOVE- We nurture a love and appreciation of a wide variety of music. We encourage each other to be the best musicians we can be.

HAPPY- We discover how music is a wonderful way to explore feelings and emotions. We support and encourage each other in our creating of music and performances. We build each other's confidence and self - esteem.

RESPECT- We show respect by celebrating the musical achievements of others and ourselves. We make the best use of opportunities given to us to take part and perform in both lessons and extra- curricular activities. We look after our musical instruments and equipment.

CURIOUS- We use musical stimulus to explore feelings and emotions. We discover new genres of music and instruments and find out what we enjoy. We discover more about ourselves through composing.

BRAVE- We explore ways to improve our musical skills through practice and perseverance. We encourage opportunities to face fears and for all year groups to perform in front of an audience.

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