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Maths Aims

At Steyning C of E Primary, we are developing a mastery curriculum which fosters the belief that all children can achieve and succeed at Maths. This vision has been created collaboratively by the staff who have the same drive and passion for ensuring that all pupils develop a deep and sustainable understanding of maths, preparing them for the wider world.

Maths Values

LOVE – Our teachers create a positive and encouraging environment where we know we are listened to and our ideas are appreciated. We love having the opportunity to explore a range of activities, using practical resources and visual representations to support us and try our best.

HAPPY – Our maths lessons are fun, exciting, and engaging. We approach all learning with an open mind and a smile especially when faced with adversities and challenges. We believe in ourselves as mathematicians and know that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

RESPECT – We demonstrate respect by listening and learning from one another. We celebrate one another by valuing and exploring a variety of approaches to maths and fostering the belief that everyone can achieve, succeed and progress. We look after resources and equipment that help us to learn.

COLLABORATIVE – We love working with a variety of children in our class to solve problems. We are encouraged to share our mathematical journeys in smaller and larger groups on a regular basis. We are encouraged to share our different approaches and listen, support and learn from another's ideas.

CURIOUS – In Maths, we are excited by new ideas and are encouraged to explore and investigate them together. These intriguing opportunities provoke us to ask mathematical questions and ignite our natural curiosity to understand concepts entirely and in depth.

BRAVE – We approach maths with a growth mindset. In lessons, we explore mathematical ideas with a positive attitude and challenge ourselves by taking risks. We embrace mistakes and understand that these are extremely valuable learning opportunities.

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