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History Aims

History is taught through exploration and discovery at Steyning C of E Primary.

The emphasis is on learning historical skills as well as learning about the people and cultures of the past. We engage pupils by giving them access to artefacts, visits and role-play which enables them to gain an understanding of the past and its influence on modern times. Through learning about Britain’s past and that of the wider world, children will develop a bank of transferable skills and a sound progression of historical knowledge as they move throughout the school.

History Values

LOVE – We aim to teach love though an understanding of events, people and cultures and their influence on our daily lives.

HAPPY – We aim to make history learning fun through visits, role-play and history themed days.

RESPECT – Our learning of events and people in the past leads us to an understanding of differences and so develop respect.

COLLABORATIVE – we help each other by sharing our learning and so encouraging each other to achieve more.

CURIOUS – we aim to foster curiosity about the past and help children to understand how events and people have influenced our daily lives.

BRAVE – in history we develop skills to research and organise information. We work hard and do our best even when it is difficult.

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