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Geography Aims

Our intention is to give all children the confidence and experience to help inform and shape ideas; investigating human and physical strands of the multi-faceted subject. We aim for all children to leave Steyning C of E Primary School feeling prepared to live in the wider world and how to do so as a responsible global citizen. Sustainability, development and climate change will be overarching themes throughout the school and children will learn how to be critical thinkers within these aspects.

Geography Values

LOVE – We accept and celebrate similarities and differences between all learners in our school. This then follows us once we leave, to become global citizens. We take care of our school grounds, as well as our wider Steyning community and understand the importance of preservation of nature.

HAPPY – We enjoy geographical learning and participating in field work around school. We take part in conversations about how all people can enjoy nature and their local geography.

RESPECT – We respect the environment around us and appreciate how lucky we are as a school to have the grounds and nature garden that we do. When using equipment, we treat it with respect and share with those around us.

COLLABORATIVE – We work as team when we investigate geography and collaborate to solve any problems we may encounter. We listen to other’s opinions and ideas and share a mutual respect around decisions that we make.

CURIOUS – We show our curiosity by being eager to learn about new places and cultures on a local and global scale. We find it exciting to learn about how others live, especially when it is different to our lives. We ask questions to find out more and move our learning forward.

BRAVE – We show bravery by sharing our opinions, even when we know other people may not agree with us. When we embark on studies of mini beasts and pond-dipping, we are brave and respectful when we find new creatures.

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