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Design & Technology

DT Aims

We aim for all children at Steyning C of E Primary to experience a real enjoyment in our range of design and technology projects. We want them to develop their basic skills of using a range of tools and materials, planning and evaluating a project, which they can then enhance and build upon as they move up the school with increased creativity, independence and challenge.

DT Values

LOVE – We show love by being kind and encouraging others when they may be finding some of the work tricky. Showing empathy and supporting others not only makes them feel better but also helps us grow as a person. We give positive and encouraging feedback to others about their products.

HAPPY – We always enjoy D.T projects at Steyning. It enables us to work in a different way than in other subjects as we can use different practical skills. We feel a real sense of achievement when we complete a project, even if it doesn’t end up quite as we originally intended!

RESPECT – We are careful with the tools and resources that we use. We try hard not to waste things and try to consider the environment in our choice of materials. We enjoy celebrating the achievements of others, as well as ourselves. Celebrating everyone’s successes enables us to grow as a person.

COLLABORATIVE – In D.T we often work together in partners or small groups on a design challenge. We can learn from and support each other and use different strengths to achieve our goals. Teamwork helps us to see the best in others whilst feeling supported when facing new challenges.

CURIOUS – We show our curiosity in many ways in D.T. We love to find out what different food taste like and where they are from, learning the significance of different foods for different cultures. We enjoy discovering how things work e.g. pulleys, levers and motors so we can then see how to use such mechanisms in our own designs.

BRAVE – We show bravery by trying new things in D.T. This might be using new tools or tasting different foods, or even being critical in self-evaluation thinking how we can move forward for next time.  We persevere and rise to the challenge on difficult tasks, knowing we will be encouraged and supported along the way.

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