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Computing Intent Statement

Our intention is to enable all children to learn how to access the digital world and all the opportunities this brings! We aim for children to become confident and competent through equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to be computer-literate citizens. Children are taught to identify and understand the risks associated with being online. We are committed to keeping children safe online and this is taught through dedicated in-class as well as whole school events. There is a strong ethos of being kind online throughout all areas of the Computing curriculum.

Computing Values

BRAVE - We show bravery by attempting tasks which we may find challenging. We also speak out when we see something online which makes us feel unsure.

CURIOUS - We show that we are curious by using a range of platforms and programmes online. We love to develop our knowledge by continually questioning and revaluating digital content.

COLLABORATIVE - We show that we are collaborative by helping each other and working in groups during Computing lessons. We love to share top tips and have a group of Digital Learners who are advocates for Computing in the school.

HAPPY - We show happiness by celebrating the opportunities we are given to learn about the Computing curriculum. We enjoy the Chromebooks and can often be seen smiling and engaging during the time we use them.

LOVE - We show love by being supportive and patient with others when they may be finding using technology challenging. By showing this love we are also able to develop our skills further as we have to think about what skills are needed to help others.

RESPECT - We show respect by taking good care of the Computing resources and speaking out when someone is misusing them. We have dedicated members of the class who take charge in ensuring resources are cared for.