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Collective Worship

As a school we believe that collective worship and sharing time together is a crucial part of our broader school life. Worship is carried out five times a week.. Once a week we also have a visitor from a place of worship whether that be from a Christian denomination or another religion to share their religion, customs and festivals with us. Children may also, at times, be involved in collective worship in their classrooms. These acts of collective worship will reflect the vision and aims of our school. We take pride in our collective worship. Fortnightly children have a 'Buddy Worship', where they discuss the theme and do an activity based on the previous Monday's worship with their partner class.

The acts of Worship are led by either the Headteacher or a Class Teacher and on a Thursday by a visiting faith leader. 

Collective Worship in our school is planned for by the member of staff leading Worship that week. The theme for the Worship is the same for the whole week. Worship links to our school values, Christian festivals and key important dates in the Christian calendar. The headteacher and the church priest work closely together to ensure the topics to discuss are relevant and meaningful to the children.

During periods of lockdown, our Ethos Governor and Parish Vicar arranged weekly videos of collective worship which was also available on the Parish Website for their ‘Messy church’ and further strengthened our Parish and school links. These also included speakers from other faiths.

Parents are entitled to withdraw their child/children from Collective Worship for religious reasons.  Alternative provision for the withdrawn child is negotiated with the individual family.

Archdeacon Fiona
Mrs Pamela Hart - Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue
Imam Idris from Worthing Mosque