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Steyning CofE Primary School is a happy and warm school. Children are encouraged to show love and respect to one another. This can be seen day to day with children helping each other in classrooms and corridors, children holding doors open for each other, the way children play together and the general atmosphere across the school. As soon as you walk into our school you will realise what a happy and supportive school, we work in.  

Through collective worship, class lessons, the formal and informal curriculum and relationships between all members of our community we constantly reinforce our shared values. We emphasise the positives and go out of our way to model expectations. From the children’s very first day in Early Years we are clear about how we support and look after each other.

We have numerous ways of rewarding excellent attitudes and behaviours including class rewards, house points and stickers. Mrs Harrison’s, Mr Phipps and Mrs Parkin’s offices have many visitors bringing them work to show or notes from the teachers to praise children for their work, effort and attitudes. 

Occasionally we may have an incident where a child has let themselves down and fallen short of our expectations. If this is the case the incident is recorded and sanctions are taken. (See behaviour policy for more detail)

As a school we take bullying and its impact seriously. Pupils and parents should be assured that known incidents of bullying will be responded to.

Bullying will not be tolerated. The school will seek ways to counter the effects of bullying that may occur within school or in the local community. The ethos of our school fosters high expectations of outstanding behaviour and we will consistently challenge any behaviour that falls below this.

All aspects of behaviour management and discipline are built on the foundations of our school values.


SPS Golden Rules


We are loving

We are polite with our words and actions


We are not rude and don’t use bad words.

We are happy

We are kind and helpful to each other

We don’t hurt people physically or emotionally.

We are respectful

We follow instructions from all adults in school


We don’t make bad choices

We walk around school sensibly and quietly

We are collaborative

We look after our school inside and out.

We don’t waste or damage things

We are curious

We listen to each other

We don’t ignore or interrupt

We are brave

We tell the truth, even when it’s hard

We don’t tell lies


• Children require clearly communicated expectations and boundaries that are consistently and fairly applied across the school by all adults. 

• Behaviour in all contexts, both within and beyond the school gate, will be dealt with in a way that maintains personal dignity and promotes integrity, honesty and trust. 

• Procedures for behaviour management and discipline, as set out in the policy and will be followed as appropriate to the needs of the individual child, the immediate situation, the context of learning and the prevailing circumstances. Consideration will also be taken as to the short and long-term outcome required. 

• All adults and children are expected to promote and present high levels of respect and regard for one another, thereby being role models for each other by; 
- Using polite, warm greetings and respectful conversations. 
- Moving around the school with consideration for others. 
- Maintaining the tidiness and organisation of the physical environment of the school. 
- Listening respectfully. 
- Allowing all to succeed.

Anti-Bullying Approach

At Steyning C of E Primary School, staff and pupils work together to create a happy and safe environment for all to work in. 
If you think you are being bullied remember to: 

TELL US - You will be  listened  to,  you  will  be believed and  we  will  do something about it.  We might need to  tell  someone else but we will tell  you  what  we  are going to do first. 

TELL  the  person who is bullying you that you know they are a  bully  and  that you are going to tell someone.

Advice for Pupils

  • Don’t ignore someone being bullied
  • Try to be there for the bullied person
  • Tell someone about it – they might be able to help

If you are bullying someone

  • It’s not too late to stop bullying
  • Ask yourself why you’re behaving that way. Do you really want to hurt or upset people?
  • Imagine how you would feel if this was happening to you.

Talk to someone about your situation.