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E-safety Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement

All children must follow the rules when using school computers.

Children that do not follow these rules may find:
• They are not allowed to use the computers
• They can only use the computers if they are more closely watched.

Computer Rules

1. I will only use the ICT in school for school purposes.
2. I will only use polite language when using the computers.
3. I must not write anything that might upset someone or give the school a bad name.
4. I know that my teacher will regularly check what I have done on the school computers.
5. I know that if my teacher thinks I may have been breaking the rules, they will check on how I have used the computers in the past and my parents will be contacted if the school is worried about my e-safety.
6. I must not tell anyone my name, where I live, or my telephone number - over the Internet. I will not arrange to meet anyone unless this is part of a school project approved by my teacher and a responsible adult comes with me.
7. I will keep my password secret and only tell my parents.
8. I must never use other people’s usernames and passwords or computers left logged on by them.
9. If I think someone has learned my password then I will tell my teacher.
10. I will always log off after I have finished with my computer.
11. I know that e-mail is not guaranteed to be private.
12. I will only open email attachments from people I know or who my teacher has approved.
13. I will not use the computers in any way that stops other people using them.
14. I will report any websites that make me feel uncomfortable to my teacher.
15. I will tell my teacher straight away if I am sent any messages that make me feel uncomfortable.
16. I will treat all computer equipment carefully and respectfully.
17. If I find something that I think I should not be able to see, I must tell my teacher straight away and not show it to other pupils.
18. I will be responsible for my behaviour when using ICT because I know that these rules are here to keep me safe.

Student User Agreement Form

I agree to follow the school rules when using the school computers. I will use the network in a sensible way and follow all the rules explained by my teacher.

I agree to report anyone not using the computers sensibly to my teacher.

I know that I do not have to accept anyone being unkind or bullying me when I am online and I agree to tell my teacher or another member of staff about anything that makes me feel unhappy or uncomfortable.

If I do not follow the rules, I understand that this may mean I might not be able to use the computers.

I realise that any pupil under reasonable suspicion of not following these rules when using (or misusing) the computers may have their use stopped, more closely monitored or past use investigated.