Steyning Church of England Primary School
Creating a Brighter Future


At Steyning CofE Primary School we believe that curiosity and creativity are central to effective learning. We endeavour to provide irresistible experiences which inspire and motivate the children and encourage them to engage fully as partners in the learning process.
Whilst literacy and numeracy form the gateways to learning in all subjects, we believe that they are brought to life by the other subjects and are therefore interlinked. With this in mind, we organise curriculum content around exciting topics which give the children a context for their learning.
Each half term or term (dependent on their age) the children begin a new topic. Within this overarching theme, creative links are made to bring all subjects to life. The children are actively involved in steering their own learning journey as they pursue their interests and questions regarding the topic. To see the overview for each term, for each year group, please refer to the jigsaws below.
Each term we send parents a Topic Web which provides a clear picture of the children's learning for that term. These can also be found on our website.
To find out more about the new National Curriculum please click here.