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Speech & Language Therapy

At Steyning C of E Primary SSC we work closely with the NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service.

Philippa Webb is our school’s Speech and Language Therapist. Philippa has worked in the school for many years, and comes into the SSC for 3 days a week working individually and in small groups with the SSC children.

Philippa works on:

· Developing speech skills

· Developing children’s understanding of spoken language

· Developing the ability to express themselves

· Working loosely with the school staff so that the S+L targets are integrated into the children’s daily activities

Philippa is available for appointments with the parents of the children in the SSC on her working days. Please get in touch with the school visa the school office on 01903 813420 to set up an appointment with her.

If your child has S+L Therapy plan, please follow the targets set by your speech therapist.

Here are some resources that may support your child’s S+L development, but please speak to your SALT to ensure any strategies are appropriate.

Cued ArticulatioN


iCan website

RCSLT website

Tiny happy people

Hungry little minds – simple activities for chn age 0-5