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Enrichment Opportunities

Central to the creative arts is a focus on performance. Throughout the year, all our children will work with their teachers and visiting guests to create and perform in learning which incorporates drama, music, art and dance including weaving learning from across the wider curriculum.

Each year our EYFS and KS1 are involved in nativities, LKS1 in Easter productions and UKS in another drama production. There are other annual musical events such as performing at the O2 in Year 6, performing within our locality of school in KS1and KS2. Dance competitions held on stage in Worthing at a County level. Internally we hold our regular Summer concert to showcase our musical talent across the whole school.

In addition to their own performances our children during their school career at Steyning C of E Primary school will have the opportunity to experience a live performance, visit a museum and take part in a dramatic workshop.

Where possible, the school works with arts organisations and artists and seeks out the best creative opportunities for all children that add life to their learning and help enrich their cultural capital.