Steyning Church of England Primary School
Creating a Brighter Future

Visions, Aims & Mission

This is what we stand for:
1. Most importantly we are trying to support each child in his/her total development – this includes academic, physical, artistic, social, emotional and spiritual.
2. Ensuring that children feel safe.
3. Education should be fun – children learn more when they are enjoying what goes on at school.
4. We support children to achieve as highly as they can through developing their independent learning skills.
5. We endeavour to have the village school atmosphere in this large urban primary school. This means we encourage all children to get on well with each other regardless of their age.
6. Children learn through different learning styles so we tailor our teaching to meet their learning needs. We undertake this through the Christian ethos.
We work closely with the Church and the whole community. We are keen that the children develop independent learning skills. We identify these as:
Stickability – the ability to keep going when the going is difficult
Team Work – the ability to work with others
Adventurousness – being prepared to take a calculated risk
Responsibility – each child takes responsibility for his/her learning
Resourcefulness – using all the abilities, skills and information that the child has
Thinking – including reflective thinking
Together this spells STARRT which reflects that we aim to give every child a great “start” to his/her learning.